As a newspaper reporter and now as a freelance writer, Christopher Solomon has eaten the blubber cut from a freshly-killed whale, been shot at by riot police in the WTO-crazed streets of Seattle, helicopter-skied from the back of a 200-foot megayacht and chased sunken treasure within sight of New York’s Empire State Building. His ability to vividly sketch a scene, and his passion for writing about passionate people, has led him to his frequent work for Outside magazine, the New York Times and Ski magazine, among other publications. His work also appeared in the anthology The Best American Travel Writing 2006. He lives in Seattle, but is constantly cajoling editors to send him elsewhere.


Kitty Kills the Dolphins
Scientific American, May 2013

Grand Slammed
Outside magazine, July 2012

Becoming the All-Terrain Human
New York Times Sunday Magazine, Mar. 24, 2013

Goodbye, NY. Thanks for Breaking my Heart
The New York Times, October 2010

The Last Man Up
Runner's World. March, 2013

Runs In The Family
Runner's World, January, 2010

The Agony and the Heresy
Outside magazine, January, 2013

Foot Loose
Outside magazine, October, 2009


Christopher Solomon
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